Meet our Posturists®

Our goal is to bring your body to its full, naturally intended range of motion, which helps to align the bone/muscle relationship within your body’s natural weight-bearing surfaces and natural balance points. A Certified Posturist assists you in developing a naturally functional and aesthetic flexibility while taking your body to a whole new level of athleticism, flexibility and pain free living.

Aaron Parnell,
ACST, Posturist, Founder of Reposturing Dynamics
Sharon Caren, Posturist

Sharon develops Reposturing Treatment programs focusing on pain amanagement and increased fliexiblility. Sharons' clients have life changing results they can feel in the very first visit. The results are measurable and are attained by balancing the body's weight bearing surfaces using the basic laws of physics!


Sharon is located in the San Mateo Area:

Tel: (650) 359-6579 or visit

Aaron Parnell is one of today's emerging talents in the Vitality and Healthy Aging movement. Known as "The Vitality Man" Aaron is a dynamic and eloquent teacher and bodywork innovator who captivates audiences and helps give you clarity regarding your health, and vitality, no matter how old or young you are.

With over 25 years experience, starting with being chosen from 2000 nationwide massage therapist applicants to be on the very first Olympic Sports Massage Team, Aaron is on a mission to help humanity thrive with vitality, fulfillment and longevity.

Cavan Collins, CMT, Posturist
Ann Moore,

Cavan is a Licensed Posturist™, Posture Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist and National Holistic Institute graduate. Cavan constantly innovates posture training and posture therapy to better serve clients from all walks of life.

Through extensive training with Aaron Parnell, Cavan became the first Licensed Posturist to certify and license other practitioners in the Reposturing Dynamics training modules. His belief in and dedication to his work has inspired him to pass on the Reposturing solution to many other therapists who really want to make a difference with their clients.


Cavan is located in El Cerrito:

Telephone: (510) 472-3027 or visit

Ann is a passionate high-energy Reposturing practitioner and massage therapist. She offers transformational bodywork to relieve tension through the whole body while bringing your natural vitality back to life.

Ann has 23 years of experience providing hands-on treatment. Ann is specifically trained to treat acute and chronic pain and release tension patterns created by use, time, and gravity. She has an impressive success rate of over 95%.


Ann is located in the East Bay:

Tel: (510) 769-6980 or visit